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Fall & Biomorph

The bi-material herbarium of the Fall collection

Fall is Morgan Lou's first collection.


Composed of silver, gold-plated and cultured pearl, it is inspired by autumn, its movements, its sensations.

The idea was to follow the line of a biomorphic design.

To be inspired by nature without imitating it, to transcribe its volumes in the abstraction of the figurative.

There was a whole time of observation, of models with different materials to best translate the sensations specific to autumn.

The collection was essentially worked in wax, modeled or sculpted. This technique has made it possible to explore organic forms as close as possible to reality.

When we observe the pieces of the Fall collection one by one, we directly understand the image of the leaf twisting and coiling.

Morgane chose to abstract from textures but to draw inspiration from movement, imagining the leaf bending under the caress of an autumn breeze.

"Proud of these first designs, we hope you will be amazed and that the next collections which are coming very soon will please you just as much!"
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