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The sweetness of Furoshiki...

At Morgan Lou, the choice of packaging was decisive.

It was out of the question for Morgane to offer plastic packaging, or even cardboard that could not be reused...

After several searches, click, the furoshiki but it is of course !

Packaging Furoshiki Morgan Lou


What is Furoshiki ?

It is a traditional Japanese art that consists of wrapping a gift, food or any other object with a knotted fabric to transport it protected and in complete safety.

The choice of eco-responsible packaging was essential !

The packaging concept at Morgan Lou :

A wooden box with drawer system, in which we find our jewel nestled in a fabric that protects it during the trip. On which is affixed a wax seal of the Morgan Lou brand. The whole surrounded by a beautiful cotton fabric tied in furoshiki.

The wooden box can be used to transport jewellery, soap for a weekend or any other small fragile object.

The idea is to be able to reuse all of the packaging.

The knotted fabric in furoshiki can be used to put lavender in it like our grandmothers... And presto, in the cupboards or the linens!


Use your imagination and above all think about the planet !

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